An initiative by ECOVIDRIO in collaboration with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada The collection of NFTs created by Ecovidrio and designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for those who dream of a greener planet.

EcoDreamers is the first sustainable collection of NFTs whose profits will go entirely to projects that aim to reduce the carbon footprint and promote the fight against climate change and the recycling of glass containers. An unrepeatable opportunity to get an NFT with which, for the first time, you can demonstrate your environmental commitment.

The first project to be launched has been developed by ECOVIDRIO in collaboration with WWF and consists of the reforestation of the area affected by the Las Peñuelas fire in Doñana.

EcoDreamers is an innovative way to combine digital art, blockchain technology, and our commitment to glass recycling.

How was the
collection created?

The 3,001 NFTs in the collection are inspired by the green glass igloos of ECOVIDRIO,

a non-profit organization responsible for managing glass packaging waste in Spain, and the colorful universe of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. The collection features hearts, stripes, stars, and dots, which become the elements that adorn each NFT and give them unique characteristics and exclusive value, having been created by a world-renowned designer who has received numerous awards and is fully committed to a sustainable future for fashion. Agatha is a renowned creator who is also a pioneer and true Ecoglass Recycling ambassador. It's a habit she practices regularly, in addition to collaborating with ECOVIDRIO on numerous projects to promote the recycling of glass packaging

The NFTs consist of four elements that distinguish them individually, making them unique:

the design that adorns them, the backgrounds against which they parade, the "glass-only" necklace, and an accessory that only ten of them will wear. The collection also includes five containers that have value because of their green color, and an NFT 3001 with a completely different design and characteristics from the rest of the collection. The distinguishing element of all NFTs is the dress worn by the containers depicted in them, as some will be unique pieces with higher collectible value.

Each dress is inspired by a real design by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada,

ranging from her most recent and acclaimed fashion collections from 2023 to her legendary collections created in 2014. Depending on the year the collection was created, the dress will give certain NFTs an extraordinary rarity, which will immediately translate into an increase in their value. Collectors will have the opportunity to own an NFT with an exclusive and unique dress, making them special in the NFT market and highly sought-after pieces.

Why is it important
to buy an NFT?

If you also believe that together we can make the dream of a greener future a reality, now is the time to purchase one of the NFTs from the collection and be part of this pioneering project.

You will own a digital asset with future value and be part of a revolutionary idea capable of changing our reality because only truly disruptive ideas have tangible effects on our lives and can lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. Owning an EcoDreamer will allow you to be part of the EcoDreamers Community and demonstrate your commitment to the planet.

The first initiative that the proceeds will be allocated to is a project by WWF Spain called "El Bosque de Ecovidrio" (The Ecovidrio Forest). Through this intervention by the nature conservation association, reforestation will be carried out using native species in areas affected by fires in the Doñana environment. But our dream doesn't end there because, after this first initiative, there will be many more in which you can decide with the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) the destination of the ongoing benefits generated by the collection.

What is a DAO?

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that operates independently of centralized entities through the use of smart contracts on a blockchain.

The governance of a DAO is based on the participation and voting of its members, who can be individuals or even other DAOs. Each member has the right to vote on important matters related to the organization, such as fund allocation, project development, or the adoption of new rules. This organizational form makes DAOs completely transparent and immune to censorship since all decisions are regulated through smart contracts and, therefore, are public and can be verified by all members.

How will the funds
raised be allocated?

The Ecovidrio Forest in the Doñana environment

The funds will be allocated to a project by WWF Spain called "El Bosque de Ecovidrio" (The Ecovidrio Forest). Through this intervention by the nature conservation association, reforestation will be carried out using native species in areas affected by fires in the Doñana environment. The goal is to continue advancing ecological recovery, biodiversity, fire prevention, and contribute to the fight against climate change.
Each year, Ecovidrio will present new projects, and through the DAO, those who own an NFT from the collection can choose which initiative is selected to continue contributing to the fight against climate change.

VOTE The ownership of each NFT will grant the right to cast one vote during a process that will take place every year during the celebration of World Environment Day (June 5th).

The result obtained will determine the project to which the funds raised since the last vote conducted the previous year will be allocated.

How and when to buy?

You can get your EcoDreamer with your credit card in a very simple way. Once you have made the purchase, you will receive a receipt that includes instructions on how to import your NFT into a Web3 wallet.

If you already have a Web3 wallet, you just need to connect it and make your purchase with MATIC to receive the NFT in your wallet.

5th June

You can also get an NFT by spreading the word about the project. We have reserved 100 NFTs for all the people who help us promote it actively on social media. If you want to be one of the chosen individuals, pay attention to the social media accounts of EcoDreamers (Twitter and Discord), ECOVIDRIO (Twitter and Instagram), and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Twitter).

Designed by Agatha

Is a world-renowned designer and a staunch advocate of the idea that it is possible to merge fashion and ecology in an inseparable way. Proof of her commitment to the environment is the recent recognition she has received with the Special #Ecólatras Award. This award acknowledges her work as a spokesperson in the fight against climate change and her valuable contribution to promoting the recycling of glass containers and sustainability.

Ecovidrio EcoDreamers is an
NFT collection created by Ecovidrio

which also aims to promote glass container recycling as a key activity in the fight against climate change and the decarbonization of the economy.

Ecovidrio is a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the selective collection of glass containers in Spain. We are guided by values such as integrity, sustainability, efficiency, commitment, and transparency, which inspire us to fulfill our objectives: to become a benchmark in the management of glass container waste and promote responsible recycling habits that contribute to the sustainable development of a circular economy.

In the more than 20 years of our organization's history, and thanks to the commitment of citizens, hospitality industry, producers, and public administrations, over 15 million tons of glass containers have been deposited in the iconic green igloos. Together, we have prevented the emission of nearly 9 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Currently, in Spain, nearly 9 million glass containers are recycled daily, which is equivalent to more than 6,000 containers per minute, 19.8 kg of glass per inhabitant, and 68 containers per person. In 2022, the selective collection of glass containers reached a historic record by surpassing one million tons recovered, of which more than 900,000 tons were collected directly through the green igloos.

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